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Here are some of the books I have written -  and some nice things people have said about them! - click on image to buy


Those who love poetry should snap up Matt Goodfellow's rich and vivid new collection, Bright Bursts of Colour, illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff. -- Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian 

Matt is a relatively new voice on the poetry scene but his work is so deliciously accomplished that it feels like he's already solidly established. This poetry collection is absolutely superb and so well observed ... This is a poet who really knows and understands children. -- Dawn Finch, Author and librarian,

Matt Goodfellow's latest publication is a much needed pallet of colour and emotion. -- Alison Kelly, Reading Zone

"Rhythm, rhyme, wordplay and whimsy make up this collection of poems about imagination and play and everyday life. With amusing and inclusive cartoons, its great strengths are its short lines and succinctness." -- Nicolette Jones * Sunday Times * 


"Second collection of poems from Matt Goodfellow. His high-energy poetry performances and workshops have delighted thousands of children across the UK and this varied new collection shows shows a mastery of different tones and styles." * Achuka Book of the Month *


 "Brings together humour, lyricism and contemplation with a voice than never fails to engage." * Reading Zone 5 star review * "The poems cover every aspect of life and so will be enjoyed by anyone over seven, not just children and young people but adults too. It will help you through any situation of sadness, joy, pain, feeling lost." * IBBY Link * 


From National Poetry Day Ambassadors Liz Brownlee, Matt Goodfellow and Roger Stevens comes an incredible anthology of poetry identifying ways we can Be the Change.

These positive and upbeat poems will explore sustainability and the positive efforts being made to protect the planet and are perfect for starting conversations about looking after each other and our environment

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The Same Inside is a sweet and thoughtful collection of poems about friendship, empathy and respect by three of the nation's best-loved poets, Liz Brownlee, Matt Goodfellow and Roger Stevens.

These fifty poems deal sensitively with feelings, empathy, respect, courtesy, bullying, disability and responsibility. They are the perfect springboard to start conversations

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Matt Goodfellow's debut collection, Carry Me Away, is a beautifully crafted set of poems that blend humour, intrigue and a love of the natural world. The poems will delight, amuse and challenge young readers between the ages of 7-12 but are there to be enjoyed by the whole family. Poems such as 'The Boy That Came From Under the Ground' are already critically acclaimed having been highly commended in international competitions. 'With the Waterfalls' and 'Another Place' feature in the 2015 CLiPPA shortlisted, 'Let in the Stars' anthology. As award-winning poet, Mandy Coe, says of Carry Me Away, 'Poems, yes - and seas, skies, laughter and music! This is a book to treasure. Matt Goodfellow's poetry shows how mystery and adventure can live between the shortest of line.' Celebrated poet and story-teller, Pie Corbett, states, 'Matt's writing is sensitive and powerful, transforming the world under the microscope of poetic language.'

NOTE FROM MATT - I self-published this, my first collection of poems, in 2016 whilst I was still working full time as a primary school teacher - it's pretty difficult to get hold of nowadays - although your might have luck on some second-hand book websites - I'll post three poems, 'Crocodile', 'Polar Bear' and 'When I Swing' below as lots of teachers have been asking for them! poems copyright Matt Goodfellow 2016. Illustration copyright Sue Hardy Dawson

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